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Frequently Asked Questions

100% Sales Commission is great, how much volume do I need to do to qualify?

All of our Sales Associates Full time, and part time, earn 100% commissions on each transaction they close!

What are the expenses?

This sounds great, where's the catch? What hidden fees are you not disclosing?

How can Realty Trust offer such an aggressive compensation plan?

Why is my broker requiring either high monthly dues or taking so much of my commissions or both?

Do I have to do floor time?

Why is branding important to me to be successful?

How can RTC's technology help me obtain my professional and financial goal?

What support can I expect from my Realty Trust Broker?

What training is available for me to improve my career?

How can Realty Trust Company help me become more efficient and have more time for the things I want to do?

What is your Transaction Management System (TMS)?

How will the Transaction management System help me stay compliant with my contracts?

How does RTC handle the necessary compliance concerns within our industry and markets?

How long does it take to move my license to Realty Trust Company?

How quickly and through what methods do I get paid once a transaction is completed?

How do I learn more about becoming a Sales Associate with Realty Trust Company?

I do some leasing and consulting, is there still a per transaction fee?

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