Bankers Investment Property Analyzer

Your Go to Real Estate Investment Tool.  Used by Bankers, Loan Officers, Investors and Real Estate Agents alike.  This analyzer provides Commercial Real Estate Buyers and Sellers Clarity on the Value of the Property based on its current Cash Flow.  

As a Real Estate Investor, this is your new go to tool to quickly size up buying and selling opportunities. Used by Real Estate owners, fund managers, bankers, loan officers and real estate agents. With this Analyzer, you will be able to quickly size up your next opportunity. By inputting the property specifics, specifically the income and expenses, you will be able to derive the cap rate, required cash injection to purchase the property, the maximum loan amount the property will support. You will graphically be able to see the property expenses displayed.

The debt service coverage ratio is automatically calculated based on your loan parameters and property cash flow. You will be able to easily visualize the debt service coverage on the property and the likeliness of your banker approving your loan.

Experienced investors will appreciate the more advanced functionality calculating investment specific performance over your desired holding period. The system calculates your debt paid down over the period, property appreciation, and your return on investment. You will be able to quickly see your price to rent ratio, the number of months to recover both your purchase price and your cash investment. Your Gross Rent Multiplier is displayed along with your depreciation benefit.

Lastly if you are looking to make a purchase with a certain CAP rate in mind, the analyzer will calculate both the maximum purchase price and loan amount based on your desired cap rate!


 “This Real Estate analysis tool has been a game changer for me.  It allows me to quickly and effectively size up a deal.”

Available in a convenient MS excel download for instant delivery.    


The #1 Investing tool for Real Estate Investors

See why so many Investors are turning to the Bankers Real Estate Analyzer for their daily use.  Stop wasting time and money running manual calculations to see if the deal makes sense.  If your going to be in the game,  compete to win!

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Your Banker may already be utilizing it.

Bankers love working with organized educated real estate investors.  With the Bankers loan Analyzer,  you will have confidence when you talk to your bank or lending partner in the specifics of the loan request,  and its feasibility.  Your banker will appreciate the analysis on the investment opportunity.  With the loan analyzer,  you will be able to provide all the critical information your banker needs, and ultimately approve your loan!