Real Estate Flipping Analyzer

Used by Professional Real Estate Investors as the perfect analysis tool to ensure that they are properly looking at the financial side of each flip.  Win More deals today with confidence that you are not overpaying for your next acquisiton.  

As a Real Estate Investor, this is your new go to tool to quickly analyze home buying and flipping opportunities.  This Real Estate investing and flipping analyzer was designed to give you the competitive advantage when you are looking to quickly and accurately analyze an potential home to buy.   

“I will not buy another home to flip again without using the analysis the property first”

With this simple to use yet robust analysis tool,  you will be able to:

Maximize your Sales Profit

Identify the Optimal Purchase Price

Establish Detailed Renovation Budget

Outline your Financing and Carrying Costs

Set the Maximum acquisition Price you will be willing to pay based on your desired ARV.


 Available in a convenient MS excel download for instant delivery.    


The #1 Investing tool for Real Estate Investors

See why so many Investors are turning to the Bankers Real Estate Analyzer for their daily use.  Stop wasting time and money running manual calculations to see if the deal makes sense.  If your going to be in the game,  compete to win!

Win Your next Deal!  .

Your Banker may already be utilizing it.

Chances are you are working with a bank,  financial partner, or private money lender on your property flips.  This tool will help you secure financing timely as you will be able to covey the strength of the deal in a logical and professional way.  Used by investors and bankers alike,  up your game and use the top rated analyzer when you are financing your next flip.